Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!


Sale Schedule Fall 2015

Monday, September 21st: Set Up

Tuesday, September 22nd:
• 8am-8pm: Drop Off

Wednesday,  September 23rd:
*No children allowed on this day only*

• noon: 15 hour presale
•1:00: 10 hour presale
•2:00: 5 hour presale
•3:00: consignor presale (+1 guest)
•5:00: Prime Time Shopping Sale ($10 admission per person)
•7:00: First time parent & teacher presale
•10:00: CLOSE

Thursday, September 24th:
• 10am-6pm: Open to the Public:
   $3 admission fee (Thursday only)

• 6:30pm- 7:30pm: Second Drop Off
(no clothing, shoes or car seats accepted at second drop off)

Friday, September 25th:

Saturday, September 26th:
•6:30- 8:00pm: 1/2 Price Presale (15 & 10 hour volunteers only)

Sunday, September 27th:

Monday, September 28th:
4:00pm-7:00pm: Pick up unsold items
•7:01pm: Donation truck loaded

Presale Info

Pre-Sale day: Wednesday, September 23rd

For the safety of all, children, strollers and wagons are NOT allowed during presales.
We will allow infants, but they must be carried by you or "on you" in a sling/carrier.  Car seat infant carriers are not allowed during the Presales.

During PUBLIC sale days, you may bring your children.

Children age 13 and older can attend the Consignor Presale but they must use the Guest Pass.


Directions: Need a Map?

We are located at:
1700 Rodeo Drive, Mesquite, TX 75149

I-635 at the Military Parkway Exit

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Y'all did great on GMA & I just wanted to throw some kudos your way!!

Congratulations & God Bless you ladies. I love reading the JBF Mission statement at every sale, and I love even more that success has come your way as a result of y'all upholding that mission.

- Very Appreciative "Friend!"


This has been my best year yet selling things at JBF. I tagged 97 items and only 8 items did not sell. I couldn’t believe the results. I really appreciated the extra effort with the shoes this year. I didn’t spend a lot but I did buy shoes for the grandkids and DVD’s to donate to the Child Abuse unit to use in their waiting room. They had just made the switch from VHS to DVD and were asking for donations. Got a few for the grand kids too.
Thank you for helping us make our $ go a lot further……it has been a blessing for our family and others……


Ok ladies --
I just had to share this! I went to the Dallas Just Between Friends sale yesterday. (www.JBFsale.com) I had a loonnngg list of things I needed. Lots of toys (as he is first grandchild/child/etc - no one has any toys), his big boy car seat (Britax Marathon), spring clothes, shoes, hats, books, etc etc etc.

For this sale I actually volunteered 10 hours the day before so I could go in first, hoping to get the good stuff first. (Not something I have done before but still gotten great stuff) Anyway...long story short. I spent an hour this morning totaling up how much everything would have cost had I gotten it at full price. Drum Roll please....my retail total was $2061.08 - yikes! What I spent at JBF for the same stuff? $569.40!!! I saved $1491,68! That is amazing!! In case you are wondering what all I got for that price - 50 spring outfits (about 20 of them church smocked outfits - 10 of which are brand new), 6 pairs of NEW stride rite shoes, my britax marathon with extra cover, 3 books, 10 hats, 3 swim suits with matching surfer swim tops, one lift vest, 6 dresses for the little ladies in my life, one excersaucer for my mom's house, two outdoor swings (little tykes), 10 large toys, 34 mid sized toys, 6 small toys, 1 bottle dishwasher basket....whew!

Spread the word! This sale is bonus!
Amber F.


WOW, being a consignor and shopper has been a wonderful experience. This is the best organized event I have ever participated in! I was amazed at how smoothly everything took place. I was antcipating standing in long lines for long periods of time, NOT SO. Applause to everyone who makes this sale available. It is truly a pleasant experience for buyers and sellers alike.
Marian R.


Thank you sooo much for coordinating such a wonderful event. The Sassy Sister Moms were so excited about volunteering and were very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such an excellent operation.
You two had everything in order and made it seem like this came as a second nature. You are both very talented and blessed women! It is a great idea and many moms will benefit from it.
We are looking forward to volunteering again in the future and helping as best as we can to make your event as successful as possible.
Thank you,
The Sassy Sisterhood Playgroup



I hope you have had a great holiday. I wanted to let you know that I will be participating in the JBF sale again this Spring. Last Fall was my first time and I was shocked that I brought home $350! This sale was so much easier than I thought it would be. The online tagging was great and very effective. I was able to track 100% of my items. Thank you for making this so easy and fun.

Since the last sale, I have had a baby boy and I have some things I am going to give up. Not to mention all of me daughters stuff too.

Thank you for the reminder email. I wouldn't have known otherwise. 6 months went really fast!

See you next month!



Just wanted to thank you again for all your assistance!! Also wanted to let you know that I thought your setup and intake process deserves an A++++++. It is one of the best ones I have seen. Very well organized, great location and everyone was VERY friendly and helpful. Thank you for all your hard work -- IT SHOWS!! Maybe next time -- by the way when is your next sale? -- I can volunteer. This time around the kids were out on fall break, so my hands were pretty tied.



Undoubtedly the BEST kid's everything and maternity consignment sale around occurs twice per year. My favorite hobby is bargain shopping and I have not been disappointed; however, I encourage you to be there when the doors open or to volunteer or consign items to earn pre-sale passes.